Hello, my name is Jenny, I am 34 years old, a graduate in tourism & hotel management, and hold a master's degree in business and management. The little sweet boy next to me in the photo is Jackson, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier known as Jacky-Mouse within our family and friends.

In the past, Jacky had to spend a lot of time alone at home while I was at the office earning our livelihood. This touched me deeply, prompting me to search for a solution where Jacky could accompany me.

After six months of searching, Jacky and I finally found a new job where he was welcomed as an office dog.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to spend even more time with Jacky. So, I made the decision to transition my career from hospitality to finance consulting, allowing me to work with more flexibly from home. This shift to a home office setup meant that Jacky and I could enjoy more time together.

After two stressful years in finance consulting, during which I still felt I did not have enough time with Jacky, I realised that a change was necessary. This led to the idea of opening a pet store so I could dedicate my time and energy entirely to Jacky.

Given Jacky's specific health needs – he suffers from epilepsy, kidney, and liver issues – I wanted to create something that benefits both our furry friends and the environment. Thus, Jacky's Place was born – an eco-friendly pet atelier specializing in the creation and distribution of dog accessories made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

We collaborate with manufacturers who utilize cutting-edge materials. Our accessories are crafted from vegan leather, mushroom leather, and pineapple leather to support the environment.

Our eco-friendly products provide functionality, style, and, above all, safety for your beloved pet.

As most items are made to order, please allow for a delivery time of 2-4 weeks. This approach enables us to support the environment and minimize waste by avoiding overproduction.

Our focus is on creating and distributing products that cater to the needs of our furry companions while meeting sustainability standards.

We prioritize quality and durability to ensure longevity of your satisfaction with our products.

If you've read this far, caring for our four-legged friends and the environment is important to you! We are thrilled to welcome you as a member of Jacky's Place and hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Warm regards,
Jenny & Jackson