• Of course, Durable

    Focus on quality for more longevity.

  • Of course, Sustainable

    Healthy choice for your dog and the environment.

  • Of course, Elegant

    Stylish accessories made
 from organic materials.

  • Hand-crafted manufacturing

    From start to end, each item is carefully hand-crafted with care to details

  • Sustainable production

    Our products meet the needs of our furry friends while prioritizing sustainability.

  • Made-on-order products

    We manufacture most of products on order
 or in small batches, leading to a delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

  • Eco-friendly shipping

    We use packaging made of recycled materials and provide eco-friendly worldwide shipping.

  • Supporting charity

    We believe in giving back, not just today, but every day. With each purchase, you help provide a meal for pets in need.

Welcome to the world of Earth-friendly pet fashion

We are a company dedicated to the productionand distribution of dog accessories made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Our environmentally conscious product offers function, creative design and, above all, safetyfor your loved one.

We focus on quality and durability so that you can enjoy our products for a long time.

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